Namutumba District, Nsinze Sub-County,
Nawaikona Parish, Butagala LC 1,

P.O. Box 36709 Kampala Uganda

how we started

About us

our story

Legacy Children’s Initiative (L C I) is a fully registered Non-Governmental Organization formed in June 2019. L C I’s mission is to empower the needy and vulnerable children with skills to identify, explore and utilize their full potential for their social, economic and spiritual development in a sustainable manner. L C I also exists to provide love to orphans and other vulnerable children deprived of parental love, and reintegrating them into the community through reuniting them with their families.

The project targeted single mothers, Girl child and  Orphaned children who for one reason or another were not able to continue with their formal (Universal Primary/Universal Secondary Education). Their failure to do so was found to be largely the burden they shoulder of taking care of their siblings and in some cases their “invalid” care- providers. The project set out to build capacity of orphaned children for sustainability of their own lives, their siblings and their aging care providers. L C I used the local existing structures (LCI-III) as an entry point into Nsinze Sub-County, Nawaikona Village, The local leaders in liaison with the District Technical Staff, requested L C I to serve all the communities

our core values

Team work

Time Management and Integrity


Love and Respect

specific objectives

  1. To offer educational support for orphans and vulnerable children per year who would otherwise drop out of school.
  2. To offer sellable vocational skills to orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.
  3. To improve the livelihood incomes for families with a heavy burden for orphans and vulnerable children.
  4. To establish an integrated support system for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.
  5. To strengthen capacity of Local Government technocrats, councilors and citizens in Gender Responsive service delivery in the implementing districts.
  6. To increase citizens awareness and engagement for improved gender responsive education & health service delivery.
  7. To provide basic needs to vulnerable children youth and single mother
  8. Improving people’s livelihood through counseling and training programs.
  9. To elevate poverty through creating income generating projects.
  10. To promote good nutrition, health and sanitation, sensitization and education programs.
  11. To protect the environment through afforestation, discouraging environmental degradation perceiving clean water.
  12. To build good morals and ethical behaviors and targeted groups to the accepted community.



We listen and learn to improve livelihood of the vulnerable person world over


To offer professional skills and parental love to the deprived vulnerable children and disadvantaged children, youth and single mothers.


Vision at Heart, at Hand and Ahead